Katja is a brilliant native speaker of German and a marvelous singer to boot! I should know, I worked with her. She is marvelous!
— Lloyd Arriola





Native German Mezzo Soprano available for German Diction Coaching as well as for translations of Websites, Resumes, Cover Letters, Biographies and any other type of German translation you might need. 


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If you are looking for help with your German, especially as it relates to singing, Katja is your one-stop shop. Last fall, Katja offered a mock German audition - a practice audition conducted entirely in German. She has also translated mine and my husband’s bios and resumes into proper German, as well as our cover letters. She will likely be helping my husband with his diction as well as both of us with our conversational German this summer. I know enough German to get into trouble, but Katja took my drafts and made them elegant. She is generous and helpful at every turn, and because she is totally fluent in both German (her native language) and English, and because she understands the opera industry in Germany so well, I completely trust her. She makes us look good. Thanks, Katja!
— Jenny Millsap Crutchlow